Shark Tank Gift Guide

Shark Tank is not only an entertaining show to watch but it has some amazing inventions if we do say so ourselves. We are so happy to have been a part of such a fantastic experience — pitching our product to the infamous sharks was truly a pinch me moment. Although we made our Shark Tank appearance in 2019 we are still eternally grateful for the platform it has since given us. Here’s the list of must-have Shark Tank goods we think you need.  

Matching Sweaters for Pups + People

Holiday themed cozy sweaters for the entire (fur) family.  

Bombas Ankle Socks 

 Thesee comfort focused sock and apparel brand with a mission to help those in need. One purchased = one donated, always and forever.


 Blueland The Clean Essentials 


Get started with eco-friendly cleaning using our four core products. Safe and proven to work for a clean and sustainable home. 


 PhoneSoap UV Smartphone Sanitizer


 Kills 99.99% of germs using UV-C light. Disinfects in half the time with twice the bulbs while offering a USB charging station.


The Bouqs 


 We believe in farm-direct sourcing & partner with farmers who use sustainable practices. Love first, flowers second, kindness always. 


Matching Flannels for Pups + People

 Match with your pup in style and donate to help homeless pups in need with each purchase made. Every matching set feeds a shelter pup for one full day.
These companies like us started with a dream and made it into reality. Take a swim on the wild side and get yourself a Shark Tank treat this holiday season. 

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