Shark Tank

"Mark Cuban invested $250,000 in matching clothes for dogs and humans." — Shark Tank, CNBC

Dog Threads on CNBC

Shark Tank

"Billionaire Mark Cuban has said his least favorite pitches on ABC’s “Shark Tank” include two things: kids and animals. “I hate when we have kids on. Kids and animals are the worst,” Cuban said in 2015. But on Sunday’s episode of “Shark Tank,” some sharply dressed dogs (and later a baby) won over Cuban, when husband and wife co-founders Scott and Gina Davis pitched their company, Dog Threads to the Sharks." — CNBC

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Dog Clothes on Shark Tank

Mark Cuban invested $250,000 in dog clothes on Shark Tank. These matching clothes for pups and people are perfect for any occasion. Looking for matching dog and owner options? Shop our favorites: Matching Tropical Shirts, Matching T-Shirts, and Matching Pajamas.