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Easter Gifts for Dog Lovers

Easter is coming up and that means you have to start picking out some gifts that the Easter bunny can deliver. If you're a dog...

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Help Your Pup's Spring Allergies

Spring is here, that means your pup might be experiencing some changes and could get allergies with all the pollen floating around. Here a few things...

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The Dog Behind Dog Threads

The story of Dog Threads all started with a pup named Thomas. Thomas is the good boy that inspired both Dog Threads and Dog Club...

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Good Thomas: A Brand Story

If you’ve followed us for quite some time then you might have noticed a little guy named Thomas hanging around. He’s had many looks throughout...

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Our NEW Animal Rescues Partners

If you’ve followed us for a long time then you know we’ve been donating 2% of our sales every quarter to our Animal Rescue Partners....

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Help Your Pup With Their Winter Blues!

If you’re in the middle of winter like we are here in Minnesota then you know it can be a challenging season to get through...

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