Our Rescue the Jack Russel Terrier Mix

Curious about our second fur baby and resident model at Dog Threads? Here's the story of how Jonesy entered our lives, and why we're so thankful that he did.

Jonesy of Dog Threads

When we lost our beloved, Thomas (the face of DT), it was the most heartbreaking loss our family had ever experienced. He was our sweet and docile Pomapoo that we treated like a baby for his entire life. We could never replace the love that we have for Thomas, but we also knew that we wanted to share our lives with another dog that was in need of a happy home too.

Thomas of Dog Threads

Our son, Ziggy, is also deeply in love with dogs — and without Thomas around, we had to get creative on ways for him to be around dogs. We soon started visiting local adoption events so he (and we) could pet the pups.
After a handful of events we started following our favorite MN Rescues on Instagram. One night while scrolling through our feed we came across a picture of a very handsome (and large!) pup on the @underdogrescue page... and in the background of this selfie pic was Jonesy. His scruffy wire hair and long little body brought a smile to our face. We had to meet him.

Rescue Dogs of Instagram by Dog Threads

Jonesy showed up at our house for a meet + greet on Mother's Day 2019. When we opened the door and saw this petite little puppy standing there looking up at us we all melted. He was the one. This tiny 9lb peanut is filled with so much spunk, love and mischief — keeping us on our toes and constantly laughing.
Ziggy and Jonesy have built an adorable bond that has been incredible to watch as their relationship continues to grow. And every morning Ziggy still looks at the Thomas painting in his room and says "doggie" with a big smile, then goes to find Jonesy-Dog to say good morning.

Jonesy of Dog Threads

Dogs bring the world so much joy and they truly deserve the very best. We're grateful for all of these little moments that we have as a family. We cherish our memories with Thomas and look forward to making new ones with Jonesy.

Jonesy of Dog Threads

P.S. have you wondered about our strange nicknames for Jonesy? Here's a little nickname breakdown for the insider scoop.

Jonesy Cat - because I like to sit on the table, in boxes and play with bugs like I'm a cat.
Jonesy Kitty - when I curl up and snuggle like a cute little kitty.
Paco - my alter ego when I'm feisty and a touch naughty.
Jonesy Babe - when I am being well behaved and a good little boy.