5 Ways to Help Put an End to the Yulin Meat Festival

Every year thousands of dogs are tortured and killed at the Yulin Meat Festival. Many Chinese citizens have petitioned against this festival, but it is still going on, and some authorities even deny its existence. 

While there has been progress in the fight, we need to keep showing our support and spreading awareness to make the Yulin Meat Festival a thing of the past. 

We have found 5 ways you can help.

 China's Yulin dog meat eating festival to be called off? 11 ...

1. Sign Petition

One way to show your support in the stand against the Yulin Meat Festival is to sign the petition addressed to Ambassador Cui Tiankai. In this petition is states that "It is illegal in China to transport dogs without quarantine certificates, which virtually none of the dogs trucked to Yulin have — so a simple government checkpoint could prevent these dogs from being tortured and killed." Signing the petition with encourage enforcing laws that are already in place. You can check out LCA's website to sign your name.

Dogs saved from China's Yulin dog meat festival join MP ...

2. Donate

There are so many great charities helping to stop the mistreatment of dogs in China. Duo Duo Project is a great advocacy group to support. They help out local animal activists in cities where the consumption of dogs is still rampant. You can help them fight by donating to thier cause.

Pictures: Terrified dogs rescued from China's Yulin dog meat ...

3. Adopt

In order to save more dogs there needs to be available space to shelter rescued pups. The best way to do this is by adoption or fostering. If this is something you are 100% committed to check out you local shelter or Bunny's Buddies

A Humane World

4. Sponsor a Dog

If you are not able to foster or adopt a dog, another great way to help is to sponsor a dog. By sponsoring a pup you are helping to transport them safely to the US, where they can be adopted. You can do this by visiting Duo Duo Projects.

5. Share

We are aware that some of these actions may not be an option for everyone and that is understandable. You can fight against the mistreatment of these dogs just by sharing an article on Facebook, making a post on Instagram, or just telling people about it. Information is power, and spreading the word is half the battle.

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