When To Adopt Another Dog After Losing One

There’s still not a day that goes by that we don’t think about you or mention your name. 💘 View our original post on Instagram here.

It’s been almost 5 months since Thomas passed away and it still feels surreal. 🌈 It has become clear that the pain will never go away but lessen with time — and we are just eternally grateful for the moments that we did share. ❤️

We are such animal and dog lovers that not having a pup to greet you at the door, beg for food when you’re eating 🍔 and cuddle with at night has been a tough adjustment. While we’ve had our share of visitors 🐶 it just isn’t the same as your own fur baby. 

Without a doubt, Thomas could never be replaced, but we’ve started asking ourselves “when will we be ready to love another.” And our almost one year old, Ziggy 👶🏻 is so in love with dogs — we know that we want him to have that experience and joy of a furry sibling. 

So when will it be time to rescue a pup and share our love with another? We’re not sure — but we do believe that when we meet the one ✨ that we will know.

Just like Thomas. 

An animal psychic told us that Thomas was working on finding us the right dog for our family 😂 you mean the guy that would be salty for hours if we ever pet another dog in front of him? And made dinosaur noises when another dog would try to sit on his couch? 🤣 Pray for us. 🙏🏼 Headed to an adoption event on Sunday at @petstuffusa to get and give some lovies. Tune into our stories this weekend to see who’s there! @shopdogthreads on Instagram.


With Love,

Gina + Scott 

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