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Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands with Transparent Manufacturing Reviews/Ratings

When we started our small, family-owned business a little over 3 years ago, we decided on three main pillars of our business that we would stay true to. First was quality – with experience in women’s fashion and an appetite for dog clothing that mirrored clothes we would buy for ourselves, creating quality clothing for our furry family members was a top priority. Second was fun design – to be honest, we weren’t sure Dog Threads was ever going to be a legitimate business, so we decided to have fun with it from the start, choosing prints and styles that we knew would make humans and their hounds happy. Third was transparent design & manufacturing – as important as quality and design are, we truly believe that telling your customers where and how you design and manufacture your clothes not only provides insight into your business, but also helps customers understand and relate to your values and company mission.

Over the past few years, we have come across several dog clothing brands that have not only demonstrated these same qualities, but have really caught our eye with their unique and innovative designs. So if you like Dog Threads, we recommend checking them out!

1. Lucy & Co.

We admit… we are a little bias, as Ahmed and Ashley (founders of Lucy & Co.) not only feature Dog Threads in their amazing online boutique, but are also friends. With that said, we couldn’t be more obsessed with their Puffer Vests – designed with attention to fit and detail, they are great as a pairing with your dog’s favorite shirt or sweater, but also look perfect on their own. And of course, they share every detail on how they are designed and made so that you can be assured you are getting a thoughtfully crafted (and killer looking) item for your canine's closet.

Website: lucyand.co 

Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands with Transparent Manufacturing

2. Lounge Dog by Bed Head Pajamas

Let’s be honest, we all love a good pair of PJs (and might wear them all the time if we weren’t judged). Renee Claire, founder of Bed Head Pajamas, obviously feels the same and decided that her diverse line of pajamas would be perfect for pups. Everything, including the textiles themselves, are designed and manufactured locally with sophistication and fine tailoring top of mind. Our personal favorite, the Ski Village Stretch Lounge Dog Pajamas, are an essential for keeping your pawtner cozy while you après together!

Website: bedheadpjs.com

Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands with Transparent Manufacturing

3. Pet Haus

If these rock and roll inspired denim dog vests don’t speak to your dog’s inner bad ass, we have to wonder what will. Made down under by denim enthusiasts Mel and Matt, they set themselves apart with premium grade denim, custom brass snaps, full lining, harness holes and years of experience. And to top it off, you are given several design options and your choice of custom patches to make your vest truly one of a kind.

Website: pethaus.com.au 

Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands with Transparent Manufacturing

4. Wagwear 

If you’re looking for Big City style that’s suitable for any size or breed, look no further than Wagwear. Founded in 1998 by Amy Harlow, this fashion-focused boutique offers puppy chic clothing on its online store and in its flagship store in Greenwich Village, NYC. While they feature a wide variety of classic styles in trendy colors, all consciously designed and made locally in the Big Apple, we have fallen in love with their Nylon Rainbreakers. Best of all - if you’re having trouble finding quality clothes to fit your uniquely-sized pup, Wagwear will custom-tailor most garments!

Website: wagwear.com

Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands with Transparent Manufacturing

5. Fetch & Follow

You’ll find this next brand in the fashion capital of the world (no… not Minnesota). London-based Fetch & Follow is a dog lifestyle brand offering everything from designer quality clothes to 100% natural dog treats. Made locally in the UK using thoughtful materials, their clothing is both responsible and remarkable. If we had to choose one style, we’d choose them all… but seriously, their Cream and Navy Striped Dog Sweater is simple, but stunning. It doesn’t hurt that their in-house models, George, Frank and Lacy are absolutely adorable! Check ‘em out online and in their shop located in East London.

 Website: fetchandfollow.co.uk

Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands with Transparent Manufacturing

6. Bauhound 

You and your pup ever feel like putting on your most comfy sweater and lounging around the house all day? So do we… and Bauhound has you covered with their 100% Alapca Wool Sweaters, which come in a variety of radiant colors and patterns to brighten your day. Hand-knitted in Bolivia, along with their adorable scarves, these sweaters bring out your dogs' individuality while helping a great cause – a portion of all proceeds go to Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, so you can be sure your pup’s purchase makes a difference.

Website: bauhound.com 

Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands with Transparent Manufacturing

7. Pepito & Co.

For our next brand, we travel to the capital of Spain, where Pepito & Co design and manufacture an assortment of some of the cutest dog clothes around. Founded in 2012 with the help of their furry family member, Pepe, they feature a variety of clothes and accessories, including bow ties, sweaters, and our personal favorite, their water and windproof coats. These beautifully, hand crafted coats are made with 100% PES recycled fabric and feature three adjustable positions to ensure it will fit the unique shape of your dog. Icing on the cake? They are made locally in Madrid, using only sustainable materials – bravo!

Website: pepitoandco.com 

Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands with Transparent Manufacturing

8. Penn + Pooch

This brand is one of our absolute favorites. Made with attention to quality, Penn + Pooch’s dog tees and hoodies make cuddling on the couch a fashionable affair. Our favorite style is the Emerson, a hoodie which comes in a variety of colors, with super fun fabrics for the inside of the hood. Similar to our other favorite brands, they are transparent in, and proud of their manufacturing process, which happens in LA. And just like Dog Threads, Penn + Pooch got their inspiration from their own pup, Lola – and we love that.

Website: pennpooch.com

Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands with Transparent Manufacturing

9. Camp Cloon

We came across this brand a little more than a year ago on Dog Milk, one our favorite places to find gifts for Thomas. Camp Cloon features clothing and accessories for both dogs + humans, especially those looking for something both comfortable and cool. They’re perfect for a day at the beach or a campfire in the woods, and as expected with something this cute, they have no shortage of adorable pups to model their gear. And if your pooch likes their own room, check out their Pup Tent Tipi which looks just as good in the house as it does in the wild.

Website: campcloon.com 

Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands with Transparent Manufacturing

10. Ruffwear

Although Ruffwear is an industry veteran, as outdoor enthusiasts, we couldn’t resist putting them on this list. First finding them when searching for (and finding) a lifejacket for Thomas, we were amazed not only at the quality and craftsmanship of their products, but also at the incredibly positive impact they have had on the industry. Their wide variety of products for pups with a flair for the wilderness ensure that every dog has a chance to really enjoy that weekend at the cabin or trip to the lake. And they’ve truly used all their success for good – you can check out their story and the variety of ways in which they’ve given back on their Our Path page.

Website: ruffwear.com

Top 10 Dog Clothing Brands with Transparent Manufacturing

Pawsitive Vibes,

And while these amazing companies, better described as brands created out of passion and with a mission, have some of the cutest dog clothes in the world, we hope their stories of responsible manufacturing and their conscientious approach to the market are what make you smile.

Gina + Scott of Dog Threads

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