Thanksgiving Pet Tips

Our pets love everything that we love about Thanksgiving—the friendly faces, the naps and the good smells to name a few.

But how do you keep your little turkeys safe from Thanksgiving health hazards? To help, we assembled this list of tips for pet owners.

Keep these Thanksgiving favorites away from hungry pets

  • Fat from meats like turkey and ham can cause pancreatitis
  • Bones can splinter and cause choking and intestinal obstruction
  • Raisins in cookies and breads can lead to acute kidney failure
  • Pecans in pies and baked treats can cause seizures

Did you know pumpkin is healthy treat for your pet?

Turns out canned pumpkin is a favorite among our pets, too—and it's quite good. Fiber in canned pumpkin benefits cat and dog digestive tracts. It also:

Adds lots of soluble fiber to diet

Hydrating—Canned pumpkin is 90% water

Good for upset tummies

Hairball preventive

Acts as a binding solution to help pets with diarrhea

Can also help with constipation


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