Introducing Your Dog To A New Baby

As some of you may know — we recently added to our Dog Threads family. We welcomed our second baby boy, Avon, to our family in June. Our pup Jonesy is very used to his big brother, Ziggy, but he has not been around many babies (as Ziggy was 6 months old when we adopted Jonesy) so it was important for us to prep him.

Here are a couple tips on how to make the transition easier for your pup. Keep in mind that every dog is different so its best to do your research and decide what will work for your fur baby and family.

Party shirts for both your babies. #sleepytime

1. Train

If your dog doesn't know the basic tricks bring them to an obedience class. Teaching your dog to sit and stay is important in keeping your fur baby and human baby safe.


2. Gradual Changes to Routine

A couple months before your due date make gradual changes to your pups routine. Just small things like where he sleeps or where you take him for walks. This way when the baby comes home he will not associate all the changes with the baby.


3. Smell

Before the arrival of their new sibling, get them used to the smell of baby powders and lotion, and before you bring them home have a family member or friend bring an article of clothing, which the baby has worn, so they can get accustomed to their scent.


4. Greet Your Dog Alone

When you come home from the hospital your pup is going to be very happy to see you. This means jumps and licks and kisses. Be sure to have someone else hold your baby so you don't drop them and so you can greet your pup.


5. Supervise

I do believe dogs are very intuitive animals and can sense when to be more gentle, however you can't expect them to comprehend how to care for a human baby. That is why it is very important to always supervise when you pup & baby are interacting. Plus it is a good way for you all to bond and be a family.



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