How To Celebrate National Dog Day

National Dog Day was founded in 2004 by animal advocate Colleen Paige, and has since grown and is celebrated across the world. It is a day to honor dogs of all breeds and for people to observe the important impact dogs have in our lives today and throughout history.

We came up with a few ways for you to show appreciation for your pup, and a few resources to help pups in need.

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1. Try a New Food or Treat

Sometimes all a pup needs in order to be happy is a delicious treat or meal. Maybe splurge on a fancy canned food, or make a homemade dog treat. The Cookie Rookie has a great recipe for Peanut Butter Dog Treats.

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2. New Walking Path

Dogs love to experience new sights & smells so walking a new trail is a great way to celebrate Dog Day. If you don't know of any new places to take a stroll Trail Link has a list of dog friendly walking paths near you.

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3. Purchase a New Toy

Spice up your dogs play time with a new toy, and to make things a little more interesting for you and your pup wrap it in edible Paw Paper

4. New Outfit

You can spruce up your pups wardrobe and help pups in need with a new shirt or sweater. 

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5. Take the Day Off

At the end of the day the best gift you can give your pup is your presence. Take the day off and explore, relax, or visit some friends.

6. Donate

National Dog Day is also a day to help dogs that are less fortunate. Donate or volunteer at you favorite rescue. If you like to donate to different rescues Entirely Pets has created a list of notable charities.

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