Hyundai Commercial: Matching Dog and Owner Sweaters

This primetime Hyundai commercial showcases Dog Threads matching dog and owner sweaters. Here is a little bit about this commercial and how to snag yourself matching sweaters for you + your pup as we approach gifting season!

This commercial sums up every dog dad that thought they were getting away with just having a pet but they end up becoming a family member. Throughout the commercial we see the dad and dog grow their relationship and bond mile by mile. 

One of the highlights to this commercial was the matching dog and owner sweaters they were sporting. Our signature Rugby Sweaters seen in the image below can be found here. (You can shop a variety of matching dog and owner outfits here.) If wearing matching sweaters with your dog doesn't make you best-friends then we don't know what does.  

Image via Chewy Tuscon Hyundai Commercial

You can watch the entire Hyundai commercial here. We hope you love watching the story of this friendship unfold like we did! Comment below if you end up seeing this Hyundai commercial in the wild. 🐶

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