Summertime Dog Safety Tips

Now that we’re at the height of summer…

It’s important to make sure your fur BFF stays cool and protected from the heat. Use our Cheat Sheet to check for air-temp and asphalt-temp so you can ensure safety for your pup.
How how is too hot for your pup? The air temperature  is cooler that the asphalt temperature on your pup's paws.
Tips to keep your pup safe!

Always remember to keep your best pals’ paws protected by going for walks in the early morning or evening when the pavement is cooler. Avoiding the midday heat is essential to keeping your furry friend cool. As always make sure to have plenty of fresh, cold water available to your pup. Hydration is essential during the hot summer days! Following the above tips can help prevent overheating and heat stroke in dogs. Relax in the shade with our matching sets not only to keep cool this summer but look good while doing it!


Say hello to your new essential… 


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