GPS Tracking Device for Your Pet

Do you have a new puppy who's still learning where home is? An old pup who tends to wander? If your dog is one who loves to take a spin around the neighborhood, this new smart technology will put your mind at ease. The Whistle 3 tracking device is something you clip onto your dog's existing collar to help locate him or her if they are on the loose.

Whistle 3 | GPS Tracking for Your Dog

Whistle 3 uses a combination of Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS technology to track your dog from an app on your phone. If your dog leaves your home and away from Wi-Fi the device then uses cellular and GPS technology to help you locate your fur baby.

Whistle 3 | GPS Tracking for Your Dog

This differs from a microchip because you can locate your dog as soon as they go missing instead of waiting for them to be turned in to a vet or shelter.

Whistle 3 | GPS Tracking for Your Dog

To us, it sounds like Whistle 3 is a great solution for families who want the peace of mind knowing their dog can be found the second they take a spin around the block. Check it out online here:

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