DIY Harness Hole for Dog Shirt

Want to add a harness hole to your Dog Threads shirt? Here's an easy how-to guide for adding a harness hole to your pup's shirt.


You can add one using a sewing machine if you have one at home. If not, you can also bring it to a tailor and they can do it for a small fee. Another cheap and easy way is by hand — which is what we will show you below.

What You Need

  • Marking Pencil (water soluble if possible)           
  • Interfacing
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissor / seam ripper
  • Ruler

Steps To Create Your Harness Hole

1. Have your dog put on their Dog Threads shirt with their harness over it. 

2. With a marking pencil (preferably one that is water soluble) lightly mark where you would like the opening. The best place is where your leash connects to your harness.

3. Measure the width of the metal ring on your dog harness.

4. Use this measurement for how wide your buttonhole will be and mark on the interfacing.

5. Place your interfacing where you have made the marking and iron on. The buttonhole should run vertical down the center back of the shirt.

DIY Harness Hole for Dog Shirt by Dog Threads

6. Now using thread in the color of your choosing :) thread a needle and secure the end with a knot.

8. Stitch around the edges. Sew your stitches very close to each other. When you get to the ends of the slit do a wider stitch.

9. Using a scissor or a seam ripper, cut the slit.

DIY Harness Hole for Dog Shirt by Dog Threads


You now have a harness hole in the perfect spot for your pup.

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