Animal Rights Awareness Week

Animal Rights Awareness Week was founded by In Defense of Animals to raise awareness about animal rights and to bring further protection to animals and their habitats.
We have compiled a list of a few ways you can help bring awareness to the cause, support the mission, and hopefully weave into your everyday life.
 Animal Rights Awareness

    1. Donate

     You can check out Charity Navigator for a list of charities that need support. Another great option is to contact your local shelter or animal sanctuary to inquire about needed supplies.

    2. Volunteer

    Shelters are always in need of extra help. Reach out to your local shelter and see how you can lend a hand.

    3. Shop Mission Driven & Cruelty Free 

     Support a company that is mission driven or cruelty free. There are many tools to help you find trusted companies like the Human Society or Cruelty Free Kitty.

    4. Share Information

    Education and awareness are key in supporting animal rights. The more people know, the more conscious they become of their actions and how they affect others.

    5. Adopt Don't Shop

    If you are looking to add a furry family member contact your local shelter or check out PetFinderThere are so many animals that are in need of a good stable home.

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