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The Story of Sarsaparila

You may have seen this sweet pup on our website (she is a great model!), but we wanted to share her story, as it is a perfect example of the touching work Secondhand Hounds does every day to help unfortunate dogs find temporary fosters, and ultimately permanent, loving homes.

Sassy -

Sarsaparilla is 4 month old pit bull and lives a very full house of cats, dogs, and kids!  Her playful nature has been a welcome addition to her household, as they also have a English Bulldog named Peppa who Secondhand Hounds rescued from a breeder.  Sassy has helped Peppa to come out of her shell and become more social with their family, especially their 4 year old daughter loves to get puppy kisses and enjoys playing with Sassy.  Their older kids, 10 and 12, have fun going to Sassy's training classes where they learn as a family how to interact with Sassy and how to train her to have good manners!

Sassy's Story -

In order to tell the story of Sarsaparilla's adoption I need to go back a generation and talk about her Mom, Pixie Stick.  Pixie came to Secondhand Hounds in June of 2014.  Shortly after her arrival it became very obvious that she was pregnant!  Pixie needed a new foster who would be able to give her a safe environment to birth her puppies and to help care for them for 8 weeks.  I had ZERO experience with whelping a litter but couldn't say no to the call for help.  Pixie came to live with us and gave birth to her babies on August 5th, 2014.  Sarsaparilla was born 2nd in a litter of 10 puppies.  I fell in love with her right away!  Over the course of the next 8 weeks I was there every day, weighing puppies, cleaning up after puppies, feeding puppies, cleaning up after puppies, lol!  When it came time for the pups and Mom to be adopted I wasn't even thinking about adding another dog to our family.  The litter of puppies was split up at 8 weeks, some going to new foster homes and some going to their new forever homes.  Sassy ended up going to a new foster home.  One by one the puppies were continuing to be adopted, but somehow Sassy remained.  During this time I kept running into her!  Whether it be seeing her photo on Secondhand Hounds Facebook page, or seeing her at a fundraising event, there she was!  Her new foster and I became friends and it was decided that one of us HAD to adopt Sassy, because we couldn't stand to see her go!  At this point it felt like fate that no one had adopted her yet and so I decided to make her a permanent part of our family.  I'm so thankful that I took on the mission of whelping a litter, it was such a rewarding experience that I have since taken on 2 other families!

So Cute - 

Sassy is my canine companion!  She is still a puppy so she is 75% a ball of energy and 25% a snuggle buddy!  We enjoy going to her training classes as a family, and delight in trying to teach her tricks at home.  We are anxiously awaiting summer to come back as we go camping a lot and are excited to bring Sassy with!

So True -

I'm hoping that we do a great job raising Sarsaparilla into an adult.  Her mom Pixie was such a good example of how wonderful pit bulls can be, and really broke every stereotype that there is! 


For more information about Secondhand Hounds or how you can become a foster, please visit their website at secondhandhounds.org

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