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Tanner the Pekepoo

Following our photo shoot with Secondhand Hounds last Sunday, we asked each of our guests to tell us a little bit about themselves, and of course their furry family member. The stories we have gotten have been so great that we wanted to share them over the next week.

Today, we are featuring the story of Tanner, a 3 year old Pekepoo (or Peek-A-Poo) = Pekingese/Poodle.  His family feels fortunate that they actually know his birthday (6/5/11), because they also know that it is very uncommon with rescued pups, and they make sure they celebrate his birthday every year.

Tanner's Story
Tanner and his 2 siblings were part of a huge group of puppies that, as we understand it, were being rescued by SHH from a puppy mill in Missouri. They were 2-1/2 to 3 months old at the time.  He was named "Tanner Boo" because it rhymed: "Tanner Boo the Peek-A-Poo."
Tanner on Adoption Day
Tanner Boo is basically the last piece of our family's "puzzle."  He is fun loving and energetic but does a great job of relaxing and snuggling, too.  He basically thinks that everyone should be his friend and he wants to BE everyone's friend, too.  He is FUNNY and SMART!  He will play 'human fetch' in that he pushes the ball down the top of the stairs to US and then we end up catching it and returning it to HIM!  He also cracks us up with his daily loud 'burps!' (sorry-but it's true!)  He will do practically anything for a carrot--they are his favorite treats!  He has also been a great 'foster brother' to the other pups we have fostered since his adoption.
We had already fostered a few dogs with Secondhand Hounds and I heard that there were going to be a lot of puppies needing fosters (from the puppy mill rescue).  As a family, we decided that we would love to help out with the puppies.  We fostered Tanner Boo and his sister, Meeka.  Meeka had adoption applications immediately upon being put on the SHH website.  Meanwhile, Tanner instantly 'fit' with our family and we knew he was ours and were were his.  :)  He is our most 'successful failure.'  
Hangin' with my sisters
Besides going for walks and playing with his toys with him, we love to play hide-and-seek (with his ball, toys, etc.).  He likes to go on the boat with us (wearing his life jacket, of course!), go up to the cabin, swim in the lake.  Any type of RIDE is great with him, too.  But-the best thing is snuggling with him.  He always just knows when someone isn't feeling well or just needs some extra TLC.  You will see him cuddled up next to that person until they are feeling better.  Also--I seriously think he KNOWS when it is time to 'smile' for the camera!  ;) He has actually enjoyed some other modeling/acting 'jobs' (In two of the SHH calendars, in a puppy training book, & on live television for ShopHQ).  
I (Heather, his Mom) am a speech-language pathologist so my ultimate hope is for Tanner to become a Canine Good Citizen and become a certified therapy dog.  In the meantime, he is happy to continue to be an ambassador for fostering and animal rescue/anti-puppy mill awareness.  
Sonny, Heather, Maelea, Makaio & Tanner Boo Tan

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